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Discover our range of neurocosmetics skincare to rebalance your emotional state for a skin visibly more radiant, firmer and smoother.

Neurocosmetics skincare

NEUR|AÉ offers innovative and effective neurocosmetic skincare solutions that address conditions of dull, tired or stressed skin. Three collections have been developed, as well as a universal balancing serum, based on scientific studies that have shown that the beauty of our skin also depends on our emotional state.

harmonie | The Serum is the first step of this neurocosmetics face skincare ritual. A reharmonizing serum that helps restore the skin’s balance and enhances its resilience to emotional stress, as well as evoking a feeling of well-being.

joie | The Emulsion is part of NEUR|AÉ’s neurocosmetics face skincare collection, designed to bring back the glow and enhance the skin’s luminosity. The associated fragrance roll-on, joie | The Emotion Booster, enhances a feeling of bliss.

énergie | The Cream helps to revitalize tired skin and to improve elasticity. In conjunction with the face cream, énergie | The Emotion Booster has been specifically formulated to increase the feeling of energy at any time of the day.

sérénité | The Balm is a comforting and smoothing face cream which targets stressed skin.
sérénité | The Emotion Booster conveys an immediate feeling of serenity and calm.