Lack of firmness

Are you looking for more dynamic facial expressions and toned skin? Let's find the products that your skin needs to look and feel its best:

A burst of energy to visibly tone the skin

Loss of firmness, dark circles and fine lines are visible signs of fatigue that show on the face. In order to energize and tone the skin, NEUR|AÉ has developed a three-step énergie skincare routine, to visibly firm face skin and provide an overall feeling of dynamism.

First step to the routine, harmonie | The Serum helps restore the skin’s balance and enhances its resilience to emotional stress. It works in conjunction with our face firming star, énergie | The Cream, which visibly tones the skin and awakens a feeling of well-being. énergie | The Emotion Booster, the last step to the routine, is the perfect pick-me-up for uplifting your mood at any time of the day: apply to the inside of the wrist and just behind the ears whenever you need emotional comfort.