Lack of radiance

Are you looking for more radiant facial expressions and a fresher skin tone? Let's find the products that your skin needs to look and feel its best:

A feeling of joy for glowing skin

Lack of radiance is one of the many visible signs of skin lacking vitality. But what do you do when your skin looks dull, feels rough to the touch and your face reflects an emotional state that isn't so joyful? To help you regain radiant skin, NEUR|AÉ has developed a three-step routine for glowing skin, the joie skincare routine, to enhance luminosity and provide a feeling of bliss.

The first step of the routine, harmonie | The Serum helps restore the skin’s balance and strengthen its resistance to emotional stress. It works together with joie | The Emulsion, our glow hero, to brighten dull skin while instilling a feeling of well-being and happiness. Finally, joie | The Emotion Booster is the ideal product to slip into your bag to help rebalance your emotions when the day seems long: apply the roll-on to the inside of the wrist, across the arm and behind the ears whenever you need it.