Wrinkles & fine lines

Are you looking for more serene facial expressions and a smoother skin? Let's find the products that your skin needs to look and feel its best:

A veil of serenity to smooth the skin

The stress of everyday life can affect the whole body, including the skin: the face shows signs of tension, forehead and frown lines appear more visible and the complexion looks dull. In order to relax your features and to smooth the skin, NEUR|AÉ has developed a three-step routine, the sérénité skincare routine, to soothe stressed skin and provide a feeling of calm.

First step to the routine, harmonie | The Serum helps restore the skin’s balance and enhances its resilience to emotional stress. It works in conjunction with our relaxing hero, sérénité | The Balm, to visibly reduce facial wrinkles and fine lines and to enhance a feeling of well-being and serenity. sérénité | The Emotion Booster, the last step to the routine, is the go-to product for rebalancing your emotional state at any moment of the day: apply on the skin between your index finger and thumb, then dab to the earlobes whenever you need comfort.