The Creams

The second step of the NEUR|AÉ skincare routine, our creams based on neuroscience address conditions of dull, tired or tense skin, impacted by our emotional state.

Well-being at your fingertips

To accompany harmonie | The Serum, NEUR|AÉ has developed three face skin creams in order to target radiance, and the visible signs of firmness, wrinkles and fine lines, as well as provide an overall sense of well-being.

joie | The Emulsion is a lightweight face skin cream formulated to refresh the complexion, enhance the skin’s luminosity and provide a feeling of bliss.

énergie | The Cream helps to revitalize tired skin: skin firmness is visibly improved, signs of fatigue and lack of firmness look less apparent. Day after day, this face skin cream provides a feeling of well-being and energy.

sérénité | The Balm is a soothing and smoothing face skin cream which targets stressed skin. Over time, the balm visibly relaxes your features and smoothes your skin, providing a feeling of calm.