The Emotions Boosters

To be used at any moment of the day to recenter your emotional state, the Emotion Boosters feature our signature neuro-fragrances infused with a plant-based oil complex. Composed alongside the principles of aromachology, these neuro-fragrances enhance the feeling of well-being. These on the go products can be used anytime, anywhere, whenever you need immediate comfort.

The emotion boosters roll-on fragrances

To elevate your self-care ritual, NEUR|AÉ has developed a collection of roll-on fragrances inspired by neuroscience, the Emotional Boosters.

joie | The Emotion Booster features our signature joie neuro-fragrance infused with a plant-based oil complex. Based on a sparkling citrus accord, this blissful roll-on fragrance enhances the feeling of joy.

énergie | The Emotion Booster has been specifically formulated to help you regain dynamism. It features our iconic énergie neuro-fragrance infused with a natural-origin oil complex. Based on an uplifting green note, this stimulating roll-on fragrance enhances the feeling of energy.

sérénité | The Emotion Booster is a roll-on fragrance based on a relaxing aromatic accord. Created according to the principles of olfactotherapy, this neuro-fragrance features our beloved sérénité scent infused with a complex of natural origin ingredients. The perfect product to get an immediate feeling of serenity.